Tuesday, July 13, 2010

an interview with Stevan Little about Moose

Starting my day with an interview with Stevan Little about Moose, an idea I picked up from a tweet from perlbuzz, the twitterer.

(Do I really have to keep in mind, that this will be picked up by ironman.enlightenedperl.org? BTW it's bad, that they even match "perl" within words of my blog-articles, even if that does not have anything to do with perl as a programming language.)

Listening to the "perlcast",
reading the text at the same time

(keep in mind: I am not a native English speaker/reader/listener, so that helps!!),
drinking my breakfast coffee …

»Audrey coined the term “O-fun,” optimized for fun.«
"O-fun" – I think I will use this term a lot from now on.

»We’re hoping that Moore’s Law will catch up, and we’ll have a break.«

»I didn’t want it to have “feature-itis”«

»It’ll probably be a good idea to let people know where to go to get started if they wanted to learn about Mouse. …«
»… Yes, we have the Moose.Perl.org domain. …
The IRC channel has Moose on IRC.Perl.org. …
And the mailing list.
The mailing list has been getting a lot of traffic lately,
which I’m very happy about
because that means we have a lot of indexed content in there.«

(wow, I am still learning how to make better use of my Mac keyboard.
what do you think, where are these "guillemet" quotation characters hidden?
at q like quotation, of course … .
have a good laugh: at some stage, when I tried using that, I confused the Alt and the Cmd key, and … ;-( my browser shut down,
but luckily enough it restarted with all the right places.)

that perlcast was a very good thing to start my day with.
it boosted my motivation to use Moose.

this article was actually first "prepared" as a Google Buzz.
follow me there, if you want!
I would welcome that very much.

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